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The city of Flagstaff in Arizona is mostly known for its beauty and high altitude. There are many attractions for the nature lover and the fine dining options are plentiful. There are few things in life more relaxing than eating a meal at elevations of several thousand feet and having an incredible view of an awe-inspiring landscape around you. These are all wonderful attributes of Flagstaff. However, there is one aspect of Flagstaff that people have a tendency to overlook, which is the incredible shopping. Whether you’re looking for jewelry, art, clothing, or books, you will find it in Flagstaff. What separates Flagstaff from most other cities is that you can find so many unique items as well as traditional ones.

Flagstaff has a lot to offer in the way of shopping, but the art stands out more than anything else. If you’re a fan of art, or you simply appreciate unique and fine art, your first stop in Flagstaff should be the Coconino Center for the Arts. This is a 4,000-square-foot art gallery featuring popular artists from the region. There are also rotating exhibits, so no two trips to the Coconino Center for the Arts will ever be the same. If you prefer more predictable modern and contemporary art, check out Echo Canyon Art. And if you enjoy roaming art galleries that are within close proximity to one another, visit the Downtown Historic District of Flagstaff. While you’re there, you will also find clothing boutiques, cafes, microbreweries, and a lot more to do and see. If you’re visiting Flagstaff, the Downtown Historic District should be a priority.

Many people who visit other cities enjoy collecting souvenirs. If you’re one of those people, the best place to find what you’re looking for is at the Flagstaff Visitor Center and Gift Shop. In addition to souvenirs, they will also have educational items about the area. Most visitor centers are bland. This one is not. You will find it to be a fun experience. And be sure to purchase some Route 66 merchandise while your there.

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